Description of Dublin Core Elements in Arabic

Last Modification: 1998-12-29

The following is the Web page of the Arabic translation of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. More about the Dublin Core is available at  . Other translations can be found at

Who can display the Arabic HTML documents are asked to show this version or may be this one . Otherwise here and there you can display the PS and PDF file respectively.

Some Web Browser which support the Arabic script

  • Sindbad from Sakhr company: Sindbad, a beta plugIng extending Netscape Communicator to provide a Arabic support. Sindbad runs on Arabic Windows 95.
  • Tango Browser: Tango Browser allows to browse the web in over 90 languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, etc. Tango Browser runs on PCs.
  • AraMosaic: AraMosaic is produced by Langbox International for the X Window System. It is available in Sun, SGI, and Linux versions and can be downloaded free.

    Any questions or comments regarding the Dublin Core Meta data please contact Stuart Weibel at or Eric Miller at

    Questions or comments according to the Arabic version please contact Hachim Haddouti at

    The Arabic translation presented in this site has been finished by help of students, researchers, publishers and librarians. I woudl like to thank them all. My special thanks go to Youssef Berbash, Osama Al-Sughayar from SKD Publisher, Karim Boughida, Mamoun Ouasdad and Mounya El-Hilali.