My Portrait

            General Data

  • Dr. Hachim Haddouti, born in 1969
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (Database Management Systems) at Technical University of Munich under Supervision of Prof. Bayer (Inventor of B-Tree)
  • Master in Computer Science (Knowledge Management Systems) at Techical University of Berlin

    Work Experience

  • 1996-1999: Research Scientist under supervision of Prof. R. Bayer in FORWISS of Technical University of Munich, and Technical Project Leader of the long-term Digital Library project VD17 .

  • Visiting Scientist at Tsukuba University, Japan
  • Visiting University of Sta. Barbara University, California
  • Visiting scientist at University of Catania, Italy
  • Visiting speaker at several other universities and institutions worldwide
  • Invited Speaker to several conferences worldwide.